The one with the red car on a parchment background was a poster done for the pilot episode of Adhbhut, as part of screenwriter Nikhil Arora’s pitch for the show. The show is an anthology supernatural series involving a lot of Indian folklore and mythology, so I enjoyed conceptualizing visuals for it. The dragon/ wyvern on the blue stormy background with Geralt of Rivia in front is a companion piece I did for an article I was writing, on role playing games and the art of fantasy. The ink drawing of the two women grinding spices in front of the Kashmiri manor was a branding/ packaging illustration done for Matamaal Hospitality Service’s tea and spices range. Most of my illustrations begin traditionally, and will generally crossover into Procreate on my iPad Pro at a later stage. From there, it’s either touch ups and digital clean up, or I go wild with it until the end result is completely different.