Most of my early childhood was spent exploring the wilderness behind our family home with my pack of four German Shepherd dogs, pretending that we were the Famous Five. I then spent the majority of my school years in a remote, beautiful school in the hills, imagining it was Hogwarts. That compulsive need to fantasize and explore never left me and eventually I followed my love of stories to Edinburgh University in Scotland where I studied English Literature with external modules in Classical Literature, Ancient Greek and Roman History, Sociology, History of Art, and Social Anthropology. I graduated in 2016 with First Class Honours, returning to the UK later that year to begin my MA in Illustration at Falmouth University, which I completed with merit in late 2017.

 I interned as a copywriter at a couple of small creative design and advertising studios (The Brewhouse, Autumn Worldwide) in New Delhi where I was given the chance to design and illustrate as well as write copy and partake in creative campaigns. I recently undertook the Storyboarding, Figure Drawing and Animal Drawing courses at CGMA, and have been featured on their curated student gallery for two of those courses. I then undertook some industry experience as a trainee storyboard artist at Maya Digital Studios, Mumbai, the producers of some of the country’s most widely consumed entertainment TV, and now work on a freelance basis for concept work, storyboards, illustration and design in addition to constantly developing my own original stuff. I’ve also meddled from time to time in illustrations for graphic novels and children’s books, and hope to explore more of that space soon- it’s very exciting!

Though this site is a space for my visual work, art is only one aspect of the force that really drives me: stories. My English literature notebooks were filled with sketches and doodles, and my illustration sketchbooks were littered with notes; I’ve always disliked having to break down my work along the cold distinction between image and text. I believe the greatest experiences people can craft for other people are almost always narratives- whether it’s literature, advertising, films, television, or video games. In the narratives I work on, either independently or as part of a team, I always try to bring a little bit of my strangeness into the work, born of years of observing the mainstream from the vantage point of a misfit.